The JNPSD Maintenance Department is committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring staff, students and community a safe, comfortable and healthy school environment. The Maintenance team inspects, maintains facilities, provides an on-going maintenance program for schools and improves facility maintenance. Requests for services and repairs are channeled electronically to the Maintenance Department for distribution to the appropriate trade.

Maintenance Request

Maintenance is also responsible for effectively managing the schools’ energy consumption. By utilizing a software program to manage energy use, the Department can better manage the budget, improve communication, provide justification for requests and resources, increase transparency with detailed reporting and documentation, implement better planning strategies and improve safety and security.

To request lighting and heat/air for an event please fill out form. The completed form should be returned to the Maintenance Department as far in advance as possible. Fax number is 501.241.2166.

  • Request to order kleenex, germ X, baby wipes, or disinfectant wipes (Call Maintenance)

  • Operation Hero: Click HERE to submit a work order.

  • How to Submit Operation Hero Work Order

Our office is open Monday through Friday 7am-4pm; receiving emergency calls 6am-10pm at 501.951.1216.

  • Kevin Stalnaker, Director

  • Nicole Hyman, Secretary

  • Terry Waggoner - Maintenance Technician

  • Wayne McWilliams, Maintenance Technician

  • Lawrence Hendrix, Maintenance Technician

  • Travis Cleveland, Maintenance Technician

  • David Butchart, Maintenance Technician