“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”

I believe that education is one of the most powerful things in life. It is one of life’s most precious gifts that can never be taken away from a person. Education affords us the opportunity to inquisitively seek and find the meaning behind everything and aids in the advancement and improvement of a person's life. Education provides us a way to understand our community and each other, and it offers us an opportunity to use that knowledge wisely. As educators, it is imperative that we provide these opportunities for all of our scholars, irrespective of culture, race, creed, or gender.

It is an honor to serve as Superintendent of Schools. Since the creation of JNPSD, the District has been making strides to provide a world-class educational experience one student at a time...I believe that our District will be the model district, where every learner is valued and empowered to become a successful, contributing member of society. In that respect, it is my responsibility and privilege to serve as the Instructional Leader for this student-centered, community-focused school district. By providing a well-rounded educational system, JNPSD will make it possible for our scholars to be successful in an ever-changing world and be able to interact with others who may be from different walks of life. I, personally, know that education is the platform that makes all that may seem IMPOSSIBLE...POSSIBLE because it removes and defeats all barriers.

As your Superintendent of Schools, I am committed to hiring effective educators, in order to place the right person in the right position. I am committed to the process of continuous school improvement, with an emphasis on having a growth mindset of endless possibilities for JNPSD; to sharing its unique story to attract families to our District; to using effective educational programs that will have a positive impact on all learners; and to educational equity for all of our scholars, families, and staff.

I appreciate you for taking the time to visit our District’s website, and I look forward to engaging with you about the awesome opportunities that we have to offer for our scholars and team members.

Jeremy S. Owoh, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools